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ASCENT is IEWC’s signature brand. Our global reach and supplier relationships help us ensure you have access to the best solution. That means pairing competitive prices and quality products with our high service levels. The ASCENT brand is another tool that helps us achieve that dynamic. Why pay for the brand premium if you are relatively indifferent to the brand?

IEWC’s approach in sourcing ASCENT products is to exclusively partner with suppliers that are reliable and dependable, because we understand the impact our products have on our customers’ success. In essence, ASCENT products are handpicked and carefully chosen by IEWC’s industry experts.

With a signature brand, confidence in quality is essential. Therefore, we utilize a rigorous audit process and validate spec compliance throughout production and shipping. Every ASCENT supplier undergoes a rigorous audit process to ensure their quality controls meet IEWC’s stringent standards. Every new ASCENT product is reviewed for compliance to spec before formal production, upon reception of the first purchases, and consistently thereafter, to ensure Quality standards and spec attainment are achieved and maintained.

With ASCENT, you receive products designed to meet your exact needs -- no more, no less -- at the right price.

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