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Harbour Industries

Since 1965, Harbour industries have been manufacturing high temperature and high performance cable for the military, commercial, and industrial markets. Harbour produces its high performance wire and cable in two primary manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada. Their focus is to sell through select distribution channels and to OEMs and assembly houses in North America, Europe, and Asia. Their reputation for quality is based through their certifications, including ISO9001-2008.

Their headquarters is located in Shelburne, Vermont and includes in-house manufacturing, sales, warehousing, research and development and engineering. This facility manufactures a wide range of wire and cable products utilizing numerous conductors, insulating compounds, braid wire, and jacketing materials. Their Canada location in Farnham, Quebec specializes in wire and cable designed for Industrial, Appliance, and Food Service Markets including silicone rubber insulated and radiation resistance cables designed for the nuclear power industry.

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