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LUTZE Inc designs and manufactures flexible and high flexing industrial cables for factory automation. They specialize in power, control and network cables such as LUTZE Silflex?, Superflex?, Superflex? Plus, MOTIONFLEX, and DRIVEFLEX? VFD. LUTZE also offers grounding & wire management products, compact industrial power supplies, LOCC-Box - intelligent DC control circuit protection devices, LSC-wiring system for cabinets, and LCIS relays for industrial applications. LUTZE products can be purchased through a selected network of authorized distribution partners such as its nationwide distribution partner IEWC.

LUTZE Inc located in Charlotte, NC, is the North American member of the LUTZE International Group which has been developing and building electronic and electrical engineering solutions for the Automation Industry for 60 years. In addition to the USA, LUTZE International Group currently has manufacturing and distribution operations in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Spain and China.

LUTZE solutions mean improvement and innovation. For more information please visit and

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