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RSCC, formerly PMC Wire and Cable, a custom cable and wire provider for the aerospace, military ground, space and shipboard markets has announced the rebranding of the Rockbestos Surprenant? Cable Corporation name. RSCC represents the revival of the brand name Surprenant? cable and wire. Long known for innovation and quality as a cable manufacturer, Surprenant? will live on as a trademark of specialty cable and wire manufacturing.

Aerospace, military, and shipboard cable and wire products manufactured by RSCC include: ? MIS cables ? Military wire ? Mil spec wire ? Aerospace electrical wiring ? Aerospace Cable ? Ground reinforced military wire ? Silicone wire cable ? Airframe and avionics cable ? Shipboard cables ? Low smoke shipboard cables ? Cross linked aerospace cables ? Shielded and unshielded aerospace/avionics cables ? Custom military cable and wire solutions ? And much more...

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