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IEWC Solutions

IEWC offers complete wire, cable and wire management solutions

Custom Services

Our Services

As an extension of your wire, cable and wire management supply chain, IEWC knows that sometimes you require materials that are specially tailored to meet the needs of your application. IEWC offers both traditional and customized services that will allow you to get the job done right.

Utilizing IEWC's custom services will never delay your shipment - in fact, we work around-the-clock to make sure your order gets out on time - every time. In fact, most orders ship on the same day we receive them.

Our employees are passionate about the job they do and will always be there to support the success of your project and ensure the growth of your company. The end result? Your very own supply chain work of art – in the form of wire, cable and wire management products.

People often ask us what sets IEWC apart. We think the answer is simple:

"IEWC customers are more than just a transaction... they are the reason we love doing what we do."

Traditional Services

As the premier, global stocking distributor of wire, cable and wire management products, IEWC offers the following value-added services:

Customized Services

IEWC also offers more tailored services for our customer's needs, including the following services:

  • Scheduled orders
  • EDI & advanced shipping notice
  • Custom labels and bar codes
  • Custom packaging
  • Drop shipping

CARS simplifies the task of reordering material through the use of portable data collection terminals and specifically format labels – establishing a seamless connection between shop floor requirements and IEWC’s customer service. Learn more about CARS.

Engineered Solutions:
Through our expertise, IEWC will help engineer a unique product or solution to meet your specific performance needs – giving you not just a part number, but an engineered solution.  Learn more about IEWC's engineered solutions.

IEWC Managed Freight Program:
Save money, reduce shipping headaches! This program has saved many IEWC customers significant money and improved shipping outcomes. How does it work? IEWC prepays shipping for your order and breaks it out as a separate line item on your invoice. It's just that simple. Learn more about the program and how to request a free freight analysis to see if this program can save your company money.

Drum Box Packaging:
Drum boxes are the inventory and storage solution you might not know you need. While traditional wire and cable drums provide reliable, heavy-duty protection for your valuable wire inventory, they also introduce challenges for storage, inventory management and capital expenditures. Replacing drums with drum boxes can provide you with a more flexible, yet reliable, storage system for your wire inventory. Learn more.

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